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  • What Are Credits?
You earn credits for viewing other member's sites. One credit can be used to get your site shown once or swapped for a quantity of banner or text impressions.

  • Do I Have To Surf To Get My Site Seen?
No, Surfing gets your site seen for free, but if you have no time to surf you can buy credits at the Purchase Advertising page or you can buy a start page.

  • Do I have to claim credits/impressions etc. I win while surfing?
No, once you click one of our pictures on the bonus page all bonuses will be added to your account balance automatically.

  • While surfing, I refreshed my browser and the 'Surfed Today" number increased by one.
Don't worry, no credits are earned for refreshing your browser. It is just part of how we account for all of our surf activity.
  • Suddenly my Surfed Today count went back to 0?
No worries, our system clock resets at 10pm PST/midnight CST/6am GMT, means a new day starts for Dragon Surf, therefore the Surfed Today count goes back to 0 too. It doesn't affect any earned credits though, these are added right away once you click the correct verification image.

  • I already surfed x sites, but still have no Cash?
We're NOT a PaidToSurf site or something like this. You can't earn money for surfing here. This is a traffic exchange, a system where members earn 'credits' viewing ads of other members, so that their own ads can be shown. The process of viewing is called 'surfing', and the viewers are called 'surfers'.

One way to make money here is usually by referring new members and making commissions on any upgrades or credit purchases that they make. To refer others use the tools you find when you login and visit the Promote page.
Sometimes you can also win cash on the bonus page or in our draws.

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