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  • What is Dragon Surf?
Dragon Surf is a traffic exchange, a system where members earn 'credits' viewing ads of other members, so that their own ads can be shown. The process of viewing is called 'surfing', and the viewers are called 'surfers'.

  • How does Dragon Surf advertise my website?
Dragon Surf operates a three-way advertising system. Simple and easy to use. So firstly, you view other members sites, and in return they view yours. The more sites you visit, the more website traffic you will receive!
Secondly, we place your banners around the site for other members to view and thirdly, you get text links strategically placed too. You can also purchase advertising and start pages.

  • Who benefits most from using Dragon Surf?
Dragon Surf helps small business owners, marketers, list builders, affiliates, opportunity seekers, and website owners to get top quality traffic to their websites and squeeze pages.

  • Why would I pay to advertise when it's free?
As a free member, your site will usually be shown to other members once for every three pages you view. This means you can generate approximately 250 hits an hour to your site. Paid members sites will be shown more frequently, up to a one for one exchange, generating up to 750 hits an hour for you. If you are stuck for time to view sites then you can also buy additional page views, whenever we have a surplus.

  • What kind of websites can I advertise?
We allow all sorts of sites, the choice is yours, and we even let you use one popup. We also allow rotators, including our own TEToolbox approved rotator. We do NOT allow, framebreakers, hatesites, warez, viruses, adult sites, gambling sites, HYIP, Autosurfs or anything illegal. Please check the TOS if you're unsure.

  • Can I pay people to view sites for me?
Absolutely not. Dragon Surf operates on the principle that you are actively viewing other member's sites. You can pick up a lot of marketing tips and find some great resources by viewing our member's sites. If you are found to be using friends, family, or employees to view sites your membership will be cancelled.

  • Parts of the site don't work properly for me.
Parts of the site use javascript, so ensure you have javascript enabled.
Here is a site which will show you how to activate javascript for your browser:

Also ensure to whitelist us in add-ons like NoScript and AdBlockPlus.

  • How Do I Remove My Account?
If for some reason you no longer want to hold an account with us, you can remove yourself by logging in and clicking here. You will need to enter your username to confirm removal.
You will also need to login manually to your Payza account and cancel any subscriptions you may have with us as we can not do this and Payza will keep sending us the money.
Please note: Once your account has been upgraded for that month we are unable to refund any monies, so do not forget to cancel that subscription should you delete your account.
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